Why does finding local translation have to be so hard?

The other day I was contacted by a woman applying to a MBA program in Italy looking for someone to translate her High School and College Transcripts as well as her College Diploma into Italian along with descriptions of each. This was a job we were easily able to accommodate and I had the finished documents back to her within the week. However, when we met to hand over the documents she mentioned that she was so happy that she had found us as she had really struggled to find a local translation agency.


This started me thinking about why is it so hard to find quality local translation services you can trust. Big companies might have entire divisions dedicated to producing their various materials in whatever language or dialects they may need. Others can contract or retain large multinational project management or consulting firms to cover this. However, this still leaves the individual crying out for help.


To be honest I find myself spending more and more of my time helping individuals; ranging from people like the woman above to others needing marriage or birth certificates translated for immigration. Although we still do a lot of large Government and Private sector projects these smaller more personal ones help us to maintain a local connection, something we are very proud of.


We at Found In Translation want to be your one and only stop when it comes to translation and cultural consulting. We have a full team of internationally based translators who will be more than happy to deliver a quality and proof read culturally sensitive translation as quickly as you need. Please feel free to contact us at translate@found-n-translation.com with any of your translation needs. 


2 responses to “Why does finding local translation have to be so hard?

  1. I have to agree that finding quality translation services is extremely difficult, but not just for individuals. I’ve worked for large corporations in several countries and translating English documents into local languages (or the reverse) always seem to end in embarrassment or, at best, laughter. I’ve had staff spend hours trying fix poorly translated documents, putting the project behind schedule. In the end everyone ends up frustrated and angry.

  2. I totally agree with you Jamie. As a multilingual translator and editor I have come accross so many poorly translated documents and even books.

    What I find particularly shocking is the quality of subtitled and dubbed films with incredibly crazy mistranslations and literal translations which do not convey the meaning of the source language at all.

    Fortunately there are also reliable translation professionals and agencies such as Founintranslationllc, which always provide quality translation and editing services with great communication and punctuality.

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